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Yesterday, I did not do a good job of explaining the expression “how you gonna go to school like that?” I just didn’t. But here, in rare from, is Daddy Wrall, whose experience with the guillotine at the UPS store is a classic. You’re selling 11X17 posters, but your guillotine can’t handle them? How you gonna go to school like that UPS store?

Notice that the poster is for our show on Thursday, February 26th in Boston. We’re playing at Oliver’s (Cask ‘n Flagon), which is right next to Fenway Park.

Notice Daddy Wrall’s hat. Stolen from Mom.

Notice Daddy Wrall attempting to load the paper from the wrong side in the hopes that it will decide to fit from that direction.

I would also like to point out that, in classic UPS store fashion, we had a heck of a time printing the posters in the first place, and even after they were printed, it took starting to hang them before we noticed that half of them had odd lines through them. We had to go back to rectify that.

Finally, if any situation is so subpar that you just have to give up, then you can always ask the question of whomever is responsible.

So, UPS store, tell me: how you gonna go to school like that?

Miss Fairchild at Oliver's 2.26.9

Okay! That’s more like it. I’ve been trying to post this video all day, and am glad to say: yay! Thanks to Sammy Bananas for not only taking the video, but for compressing, uploading, and, uh… CO-WRITING IT!

Hooray for telling it like it is, btwd.

We’re hard at work here in the studio, but I did want to take this opportunity to send along a little video of the some of the techniques with which we’ve been experimenting.

In the above video, you can see that we are dampening the resonance of the shaker with handmade mittens,*while  simultaneously using the guitar as a resonating chamber.

*Are they mittens or gloves? They have fingers, so it would appear that they are gloves, however it just feels wrong to call them gloves.**

**Okay, I looked it up in the Wiktionary and they are definitely gloves. A mitten is “a type of glove or garment that covers a hand with a separate sheath for the thumb, but not for other fingers.” So, mittens are gloves, but gloves aren’t necessarily mittens. I’m glad we cleared that up.

Daddy Wrall counts himself off with the classic 5-6-7-8! as learned in dance class. The club atmosphere is set with low lights. Sammy Bananas plays cinematographer for this one. You should see his French serving technique.*

If these techniques make any difference at all, I would be surprised. They certainly make it fun to make this music.

*More on that later.

Alright, people. Here’s the deal: We are going to start posting some “behind the scenes” videos up here. I can’t post demos, or even anything too close to what the songs that we are writing sound like, but I can post videos of us doing some stuff to them. This is Sammy Bananas performing a filter on the bass for a new song called “When To Say When.” I must warn you, this is the third different title that this song has had, and it’s tenth different rewrite, so it’s entirely possible that everything you hear here will be discarded before the song is released. Enjoy!

I’m not entirely clear why we aren’t talking about this more. I mean, it has been talked about, but why aren’t we talking about it right now?

It definitely reminds me a little of this:

I took a class on Sun Ra in college, taught by Anthony Braxton. He is incredibly interesting, especially his manipulations of language and linguistics. Okay, that video was just him talking. Here’s some music:

The difference is two-fold, I suppose. Musically, Ms. Monae makes much more accessible music.* Also, though, I’d wager we’re a little more prepared to listen to her story, fantastical though it may be, because of our fascination with all things fantastic.

*Tell me you weren’t singing along with the 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12 melody from the top.

Anyhow, I’m interested. I’ll get to checking this out and let y’all know what I think. Meanwhile, let me know what you think.