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Schuyler Dunlap is on twitter. Sammy Bananas is on twitter. Daddy Wrall is on twitter.

Let it be known: we’re all on twitter now, so you can follow our every move. We aim to be the most accessible band of all time. It seems to be a very reasonable goal, on par with our goals of making a burrito right now, and performing on SNL someday. We got that, right?

As many of you know, twitter is blowing up like whoa! and it never hurts to jump on a trend like this. Worse comes to worst and we’ll just do with it what we did with our friendster profile: ignore it. Sammy is already incredibly popular in the tweeting world. He’s up there with Shaquille O’Neal and Lily Allen. Me, I’ve been at it a while, and have thus far kept things close to home. You can help change that. And if you aren’t already on there, then sign up and start sharing your every move. As James Brown would say, “a little love won’t hurt.”

Hey Everyone,

For the next couple of days, Wrall, Sam and myself will be in the studio working on Star Band* so you can expect regular updates and mayhem. I’m fond of saying mayhem lately. So check back regularly for media and other things. In the meantime, the next post will be expand the last one: morning, after all, is a very important thing.

*Don’t worry, we won’t really call it that.