I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that our old friend Wilton Rabb, of the “One In A Million You”-era Larry Graham and GCS was on the gig on Tuesday. He was the guitar player that played on the Don Kirchner Show video that we have and the guitar player again at this show.

One of the odd things about Wilton’s appearance on the Don Kirchner show, you see, was his “mailing it in” on the backing vocals on “Can You Handle It”. He’s clearly a very gifted vocalist, as all of his singing at the show in New York proved, but in the 1980 performance when the band would get to the chorus of “Can You Handle It”, he would sing “Can ya han…” and then trail off while moving away from the microphone.

We were hoping to see if this problem had been fixed at the show on Tuesday, but in a very surprising twist, Larry didn’t play “Can You Handle It”! That’s the most famous Graham Central Station song!

It would appear we have our answer: Wilton can’t sing that vocal, so they can’t play that song. Too bad! (Wink.)