nonameIn case you hadn’t figured it out, I work at Whole Foods. I wanted to bring a little work to the blog today, because this struck me. Here is a full transcript:

“If Whole Foods is so good to it’s people why not discontiue useing animal “by products” in it’s 365 brand pet foods! It’s awful to think your doing our pets good, when you put unwanted scrapes in our pet food!! Shame on you! I won’t buy your 365 dog or cat food again. That’s no fair to us.

“Name: [removed] Phone: call me leave a message & explain it. I like to hear your excuse cause it cheaper than the real thing.”

I’m not here to talk about grammar. You can figure out the difference between your and you’re, its and it’s yourself.

I’m not here to talk about spelling. You can figure out “discontinue” and “scraps”.

I’m not here to answer the question even though (1) Whole Foods does offer a 365 pet food without animal by-products and (2) those scraps might actually be good for your pets. 

All I have to say is this:

“[Name removed], You want us to call you? You didn’t leave a phone number! How you gonna go to school like that!?”