In the song “Talkin’ Loud & Sayin’ Nothing” by James Brown, James Brown takes his 15 minutes (literally) to get a few things off of his chest. For those of you who haven’t it made it through the first thirteen minutes, you are missing out on some excellent knowledge jewels from the last two. I’m going to attempt a live transcript here; bear with me…

You know, if you wanna find the brother’s community, the black community, when you go to town, you’re gonna see the worst part of town. And what we’ve got to do as a people, we got to get together and clean that up. You understand? That goes for the white side of town. If the white side of town is a drag, we got to clean it up. We got to clean up the man–the human being side of town. And we gon’ get it, if you see a man misusing hisself, using drugs and things, we gotta try to break that up. You know, ’cause two wrongs ain’t gon’ make a right. You understand. You see the man that’s doing bad and he can’t get his mind together, it don’t help him to get no drugs. Try to show him the way, you know. Try to be a part of what’s supposed to be going down. See a kid standing on the corner, talking hip and trying to get into drugs, show him the way to the school! Because I think he forgot that. You know, after the protest and the marching, you got to know where you’re goin’. And you got to know what to do when you get there. You understand. I don’t want a cat trying to drive a plane that hasn’t been to school. Hey brother, I don’t want to go. Now if I kill myself, that’s another thing, but I don’t want him to kill me, ’cause it may not be my time! And I’ll go because he’s going. You understand? Just jivin’. Now let’s all get down and try to worry about the next man…”

Well, yeah. You’re driving a plane, without having been to school? How you gonna drive a plane like that? You’re going to take me down because of that? How you gonna go to school like that, Mr. Plane Driver?