I know this is not a sports blog, but I feel the need to express an opinion, at least before I hear someone else say it. It’s ridiculous and I don’t necessarily believe it, but it’s a thought I had before Kobe Bryant went nuts and scored a Madison Square Garden record 61 points last night.

The question: did Kobe fall on Bynum on purpose, so that he could go into superman mode* and try to steal the MVP from LeBron?

*Apologies to Paul Pierce, who has been called Superman by Kevin Garnett. We love you Paul, and you are one of the great Celtics and a terrific player, but I needed to borrow the term…

Think about it: Kobe wants win, yeah, but he also wants to be the alpha dog. See the back channel ousting of Shaq a few years ago for proof of that. After the NBA Finals last year, people said that Kobe didn’t win because the young center, Andrew Bynum, was hurt. Fast forward to early in this season where we see the Lakers absolutely dominating. Bynum’s back. The Lakers are going to win it all. Blah, blah, blah.

The Lakers beat the Celtics on Christmas day. Bynum had some ridiculous games, including one when he scored 40-something points. He’s a manimal. Etcetera. Then, Kobe gets jealous and “falls” on Bynum’s knee, knocking the young man out for 8-12 weeks or so. Kobe now has to carry the team* and can show off his offensive prowess. Many articles are written expounding on his greatness. He catapults to the top of the MVP voting, since the Cavs are dominating and LeBron James can play fewer minutes, thereby lowering his counting stats. True or not, he thinks he can win it all without Bynum and be labeled “the best player today”, just as LeBron was finally making sure everyone knew there should be no debate on that topic.

*Yes, I realize that they still have Pau Gasol and Lamar Odum and a great team–the same team that made the Finals last year, really. Come to think of it, maybe Kobe lost a poker game to Odum and had to do this to get Odum some more minutes. I mean, he benefits as much or more, right?

I’m not saying that this is definitely true. Or likely, even. But I do want to say this first, or before I hear anyone else say it. Because, as ridiculous as it is, they will say it. That’s what I thought, anyway, when I saw the footage of Kobe falling on Bynum in stunned silence at the gym the other day.

Thanks for bearing with me. We’ll back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow or later today. Feel free to forward this one to your sports-loving friends.