Yesterday, I did not do a good job of explaining the expression “how you gonna go to school like that?” I just didn’t. But here, in rare from, is Daddy Wrall, whose experience with the guillotine at the UPS store is a classic. You’re selling 11X17 posters, but your guillotine can’t handle them? How you gonna go to school like that UPS store?

Notice that the poster is for our show on Thursday, February 26th in Boston. We’re playing at Oliver’s (Cask ‘n Flagon), which is right next to Fenway Park.

Notice Daddy Wrall’s hat. Stolen from Mom.

Notice Daddy Wrall attempting to load the paper from the wrong side in the hopes that it will decide to fit from that direction.

I would also like to point out that, in classic UPS store fashion, we had a heck of a time printing the posters in the first place, and even after they were printed, it took starting to hang them before we noticed that half of them had odd lines through them. We had to go back to rectify that.

Finally, if any situation is so subpar that you just have to give up, then you can always ask the question of whomever is responsible.

So, UPS store, tell me: how you gonna go to school like that?

Miss Fairchild at Oliver's 2.26.9