I can’t tell you why this post is really called Licorice, Nova Scotia, but I can tell you this: Licorice is our once upon a fantastical hometown, before we embraced our Nantucketer-ness. We’ve always had a fascination with Nova Scotia, and licorice, so putting them together as an imaginary origin story for the band was what Daddy W. would call a “no brainer.” 

On Superbowl Weekend* so many years ago, we imagined up Licorice for our fake band Buddy Squirrel & Candy. Today I am reminded of that, and not just because the Superbowl approaches.

*I’ve mentioned this before, and I will mention it again: despite none of us being big football fans, Superbowl weekend, especially Superbowl Sunday, has been very significant in our lives. We had our first rehearsal with Todd and Trick on a Superbowl Sunday, even before we knew that we would have a band called Miss Fairchild. “Vanilla Place” was written on a Superbowl Sunday. Other things too.

I’m reminded of Licorice because of a new device that we all must own. It’s called the Pomegranate Phone and it does things that phones must do and things that we will sometime believe that phones must do. Watch:

Also, just go to the website and play around. You’ll understand why Licorice is so important, and why we’d want to be from there…

[H/T to Andy  Kehler, through Eric Bakovic]