I so overdid it with that blog post about Harry Nilsson that I’m a little scared to try to write at this moment. I will break the ice, instead with more photos of our friend Pa Nanas working it out with Robert Palmer. Or is it our friend Robert Palmer? Crap, I don’t know.


Okay, Bobby P. used to be “sneaking Sally through the alley,” presumably because he was cheating on his wife with her. But now he’s just running for his life from this crazy old man. Pa Nanas emerges in the doorway amidst a cloud of pink smoke. Sally and Bobby, knowing that this can only mean trouble with a capital T, which rhymes with B and that stands for beeline, as in “let’s make a beeline out of here. My remote control couldn’t keep the old man in line before, and I certainly can’t do anything about him now…”

We hope to continue putting Mr. Palmer in awkward situations with this Banana man in the future, but must confess to not own any more of the former’s records. Perhaps, “Some Like It Hot” can factor in somehow…