I do hope you are all reading Roger Ebert’s blog. It’s like a midnight ramble over there. Check this:

Yes, Steak ‘n Shake is a “fast food” chain–just about the first, I think, except probably for White Castle. Certainly it is the best. How many hamburger chains bring you a glass of water and silverware, and serve you on china? Friends in Los Angeles took me to In-n-Out Burger, and I consumed a drippy, mushy mess on a soft bun, and shook my head sadly. If you are from one of the 19 Stake ‘n Shake states you will know what I mean. At this point I could tell a smutty joke about how the very names of the two chains describe the difference in styles of sexual intercourse between California and the Heartland, but I refrain.

He runs the gamut, from movies to science, with a very lot of personal anecdotes and thoughts. He can also (obviously) be funny.

img_02272The above is from a recent entry about fast food, which is somewhat relevant, as we ate barbeque last night. Sure, barbeque isn’t necessarily fast food, but it sure came fast. Sammy had a pork sandwich with pineapple coleslaw and Wrall had brisket with collards and sweet mash. All in all: very good, if not my thing. It is good to know that the neighborhood has such an offering.

I had to have a Gaffel Kölsch Ale, because I needed something to use my Melvin on…