When I woke up this morning, I felt like I had barely slept. I forced myself straight out of bed for fear that if I went back to sleep I might oversleep and miss work. That’s my usual M.O., though I’ve been breaking with it a lot the past couple of weeks. A truly erratic schedule will do that to you. So will a warm bed and a cold world.

I was drowsy as I stumbled across the apartment and turned on the lights and shower. And when I got in the shower I turned on the old thought machine* to stay awake. I couldn’t get over how early it felt. I mean, I was only getting up a half an hour earlier than the last few days. Man, what 30 minutes of sleep can mean!

*Yeah, the brain.

Now, I was up a lot last night battling with the mice in the walls. Or are they squirrels? Or squice? I’m not sure exactly, but I know that they hang out in the walls and make a racket when I’m trying to sleep. As long as I’m making a racket, they won’t, because they’re scared of me. As soon as I get nice and quiet, they think they have run of the place and start up with the partying… Where was I? Oh yeah, thought machine.

While in the shower, I was reminded of a time in high school when I woke up and forced myself directly out of bed to the shower. Once clean, I got dressed and sat in my roommate’s recliner with my history text to do some last minute studying for a test, or maybe I was just doing that day’s assignment. It was junior year, so it must have been U.S. history… Whoa! Back on track, Schuyler. See? I told you I was tired.

While reading my history book, I decided to see if I should wake up my roommate. I didn’t want to do that if it was too early. His stereo read 3:15, which couldn’t be right. There must have been a power outage. I found my battery-powered alarm clock, which would be unaffected. 3:16.

Hmm. I had woken up three plus hours earlier than I wanted and rather than going back to sleep, I got ready as if the day was starting. That was funny! I actually started laughing about it in the shower this morning to wake myself up. Man, wouldn’t it be funny if I did that again sometime?

(The above post was written at 3am this morning.)