I had to do it. I just had to give it to ’em. Larry Graham. The Captain. Ambassador of hope.

The middle Obamicon is based on a photograph that Daddy Wrall has hanging in his studio. The far right photograph comes from Sammy Bananas’ studio. I do not have a Larry Graham watching over me while I record, which, I’m realizing more and more, is a situation that needs to be quickly rectified.

Though the Captain’s music may not directly influence the latest music in Fairchildland, there is no doubt that his music has become integral to what we do. When Wrall records a vocal take, he need but glance upward to know if Larry is giving him the nod of approval, or the little chuckle that says, “try again, son.” When Sam isn’t sure if his beat has quite the right bounce, Larry is there to say, “that’s good. Now, pop your collar” or “I’m watching you Banana man. You’d better make me proud.”

It’s clear what’s missing here. How can I possibly know if things are going right when I’m doing endless guitar takes for “Soda Pop” and “(Gimme That) Welcome Back”? Without Larry’s reassuring gaze, or stern eye, I’m prone to reckless decision-making and self-doubt.


TIME PERSON OF YEARThe Obama “Hope” poster that we all know embodies the re-assurance that we’re all looking for from our next president. Shepard Fairey, the creator of the “Obey Giant” campaign, touched on something simple and profound with his artwork, and whether the caption reads “hope” or “progress” or anything else, there’s a sense of change is coming. In the picture to the right, the one that Fairey produced for Time Magazine (um, obviously…) we don’t need the words. The dollar sign look in Obama’s eye is inspiration enough.

All day yesterday, I had whatever Chris Matthews had in anticipation of this inauguration. Not until I woke up did I finally have that feeling that something’s about to happen.*

*This is common for me. Whenever something big is afoot, I have a hard time getting properly excited for it. Not until it is upon me, or very nearly upon me, can I fully realize how important the moment or event is.

Let’s face it: we’ve all been looking forward to January 20, 2008 for a loooooooong time. Since the moment George W. was “re-elected”, we’ve been waiting for today. To take this day and turn it from “George Bush is out! Day” to “Barak Obama is in! Day” is a huge feat in and of itself. I mean, wow.

None of us know for sure if Barack Obama is going to change our world for the better, but for the first time I can remember, we’re all hoping like hell that he can. I was watching CNN with the sound off yesterday and I realized that I’m almost interested in all the fluff pieces about the Obama family moving into the White House, and picking out a dog, and Michelle’s fashion sense. I’ve never been interested in this stuff before. But now, I feel like I want to know what it’s like to become president of these United States. I feel like we’re all in this together– learning how to be president, learning how to make the changes to make this a better world.

So, the Obama presidency is our presidency. With this one, we picked the guy we wanted, and he got the job, and now we get to see what happens.

And we get to do stuff like this: