Man oh man. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could live together in the type of world where we belong?

Whoops. Wrong intro. What I mean to say was…

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was such a thing as free time any more? What happened to that pensive time I used to make use of so often to listen and read and think? I’m fond of using the expression “I’ll get to it in my free time” when I really mean “I won’t get to it at all.” 

For today, I must leave you with somebody else’s something, because I have lost track of time and find myself swimming. I had great plans! And now it’s nearly seven, and there is broccoli rabe on the hot plate, and a mountain of little teeny to-do’s to do and well, here’s something:

I’ve been listening to this so much that I can’t even bother to take the headset off and plug into the car when I drive. It’s a little dangerous, I know, but I just can’t! You don’t understand! It would disturb the continuity.

More later.