One other thing did happen last night that I didn’t mention in the gig recap. Sammy Bananas was so proud of this moment, and I was lucky enough to get a front row seat for the whole thing. It’s a two-parter.

When we saw Apple Betty for the first time a few years back, one of the songs they played was called “Sweatpant Boner“. You Apple Betty fans out there will know the one. Well, about three quarters of the way through their set, Sam decided to be “that guy” and run up to the stage yelling “Sweatpant Boner!” by way of requesting the song. Wrall had already decided not to that guy, and I just figured they’d play it when they felt like it. Sam was committed though, and went for it.

The show continued and finally Kerri announced that their last song had arrived. It was not “Sweatpant Boner,” although there was always a chance for an encore. Here’s where it gets good…

We’re all familiar with the concept of the slow clap, right? One person starts clapping really slowly, and people join in so that everyone is clapping at the same time. The clap speeds up until everyone is applauding wildly. Here’s a slow clap montage for those of you who are still unfamiliar:

Well, Sam started a slow clap* right then and there. He was clapping so hard that my hands hurt. And then I joined, and then the woman next to me. And then others. In slow motion, I watched as the biggest grin he’s ever made spread across his face. Just as the applause reached its apex, he yelled, “Yes! I’ve always wanted to do that!” Kudos, Sammy.

The band had heard enough. Waving down the applause, they launched into a rousing rendition of “Sweatpant Boner” that would make the most awkward intimate moment proud.

*Slow clap not to be confused with Slap Chop.