Unlike my compatriots, I brave the cold from time to time. I brave it and stupid it, because though I am scarved in these photographs, I ought to be gloved and hatted, and likely jacketed too. Worth noting is the moon in the background, and the icy snow covering the yard behind my apartment. It’s beautiful and you should see Daddy Wrall ice skate in my sandals out there. Something to behold. We’ll have to see if that makes it into World is so Cold (Part 4).


world-is-cold-31We cannot de-ny the coldness of the world. We just have to live in it. Matsuo Basho (as translated by Robert Haas) said this:

Winter solitude–
in a world of one color
the sound of wind.

Growing up on Nantucket, I didn’t know snow quite the way that the rest of New England knew it. We had show, but it usually didn’t stick and we had terrible plowing so an inch or two could screw up everything. I’ve seen feet of snow a few times, but not terribly often, and there would usually be rain along to wash it away soon enough.* 

*A couple of the past few winters have been pretty brutal over there, including one really cold one and two really snowy ones, but all in all, it’s more temperate than the mainland.

What Nantucket does have in spades, though, is wind. Man, it can get gusting over there. Especially in the winter. You don’t really care that it’s a few degrees warmer after a while because the wind just cuts through. And it’s damn loud, too. “A [cold] world of one color/ The sound of wind” is right.

Today was windy, but not Nantucket windy. My scarf was lifting off, but not whipping around. As Daddy Wrall said, “This is beautiful. We should spend more time out here.” I agree. Next time, I’ll get up a photo of the yard where I’m not marring the beauty by being in the shot.