No, Daddy Wrall is not a Sherpa. But the world is cold, people. 21 degrees, to be specific, and it’s not much warmer here in Schuylerville, temporary home of the Miss Fairchild Traveling Recording Studio. Here he is pictured in a hat* knitted for me by my mother, a scarf knitted for me by my brother’s girlfriend, gloves given to him by a long lost friend, and slippers given to him by a less long lost friend.

*That’s a whole story, right there. My mom made me this wonderful hat a few years back, but it was a little small, so she made a new one that was exactly the same, only a little bigger. Ungracious gift-receiver that I am, I went and lost the thing after wearing it everyday for a while. So what did she do? Yep, she made me a third one. But that one was a little too big, and after felting it, a little small. The hat pictured above is No. 4 in the series. It’s simply splendid and I hope to never lose it.

The point is that we’re hard at work and I can’t afford to keep this apartment much warmer, but it’s still fun. Stay tuned for the second installment of World is so Cold, which will feature Sammy Bananas in a LifeSac™.