Let’s see. Daddy Wrall and I have been singing the praises of our friend Vince (from ShamWow and Slap Chop) since the ShamWow commercial first hit the airwaves last year. The lines “you’re gonna spend 20 dollars a month on paper towels anyway!” and “the Germans always make great stuff” have been standbys for us when reaching for comedy in awkward moments. Since Slap Chop debuted in December, Daddy Wrall has watched it close to 1000 times. I’m not kidding. He has a problem and I’m sharing it with the world. He does imitations of the ending* that are straight brilliant. He knows the entire commercial inside and out.

*He declined an offer to be filmed recreating the video. He could do it, though, I assure you.

41qso7isa9l_aa280_By the way, Dan, my favorite internet writer du moment is a man named Joe Posnanski. He is a sports columnist for the Kansas City Star that writes a blog at the address linked in the previous sentence. He’s smart, funny, self-deprecating, relevant. I’ll read what he writes no matter the topic. (Here’s where I come back to the subject at hand.) The other day, just after posting the Slap Chop video and accidentally inspiring two hundred more views by our fearless vocalist, I discovered that Joe was writing about Snuggies.

That’s strange. I’m writing about infomercials, he’s writing about infomercials. That’s cool. We’ve talking about Snuggies (the blanket with sleeves!). Hell, Sammy Bananas wants one.*

*For the record, it’s just a backwards robe without the belt. I mean, c’mon. That’s ridiculous. Sam maintains that it’s much more than that, but let’s be honest here. Heck, watch the film:

Okay, robe with sleeves. I’m glad we’re all on the same page here. Joe Po makes a good point, too: that little throw away device that the end–the booklight–why isn’t that the main thing and the backwards robe the throw-in? Anyways, I digress…

I wasn’t going to say anything about the rash of heralded (Joe Po) and unheralded (Dunleca*) bloggers writing about infomercials, but then this happened. It’s an excellent post, especially if you like baseball. But skip on down to the end. Yeah, right there at the end, you see it? Yep, Vince Offer, with ShamWow. Fine minds and all that, I suppose…

*That’s my Brazilian soccer name, by the way, Dan. It’s pronounced doon-lay-ka.  Wrall is Wrino. The o sounds like ooh. Sammy Bananas is Bananisco. Didn’t see that one coming… You should definitely head over to that BrazilName nickname generator and find out what you would be called. I’m not sure whether or not Bananisco or Wrino want to utilize those names, but I’m definitely Dunleca from here on out. Trick Johnson is Trinho (the nh is like the ñ in Spanish); Todd is Richosa. Personally, I’m sold. Brazil** is one of my favorite places.

**When Miss Fairchild was just a twinkle in our eye–well, before I was technically in the band–we decided to record a record in Brazil. I had just returned from living there and was listening constantly to Gilberto Gil. We decided that I could go down there and recruit some musicians and brush up my admittedly rusty Portuguese. The guys would join me a few weeks later with a gaggle of microphones. I would play translator as we recorded the album: Miss Fairchild in Brazil with The Great Dunlap. We’ll do that one, I imagine.


In the meantime, we are auditioning working titles for the next records. Bear in mind that we have no intention of using the working title as the actual title; we just want something to call it. It will likely change, perhaps everyday even, over the course of its creation. Today we’re considering Star Band. It has no significance, but it sure sounds good, don’t it?

Vince is great (despite what I’ve read about his movie). Joe Posnanski is great, (including what I’ve read about him). Brazil is fantastic. And so are you, dear reader.