As I promised when I posted the video, we’ve changed the title of “When to Say When” again. Daddy Wrall and I did some work on the new material this weekend and one of the things that was discussed was another rewrite of that song. I won’t post the latest title here yet, but as with all of our rewrites, the song is improving.

Most of our songs are written with little friction. Someone has a good idea and we put it on tape. Occasionally a song needs a little finessing. This is one of the latter. I can’t wait to have a finished recording of this tune. Sammy Bananas will do a remix that’s better than the official version. We’ll start playing that remix live and that will be the best version yet. Eventually, we’ll be forced to rerecord the song. What an efficient way to work!

In addition to reworking on The Song Formerly Known as When to Say When, we started recording another new song, did some research about our favorite The Band, got really excited about the show we’re playing this coming Saturday, listened to a lot of Michael McDonald era Doobie Brothers, took a little jaunt down east to the great state of Maine, had dinner with JedSed and watched this a few times:

We’ve been big Vince fans ever since ShamWow! so this video is a major find for us. Just watch it already: You’re gonna be slappin’ your troubles away!