There may be an occasion or two when I don’t have time to write anything of consequence. I have a pile of ideas, but nothing fully formed–and we can’t have anything half-assed on this here blog–so I will resort to pictures of puppies in the meantime. I hope you enjoy.*

*I suspect that you  might prefer to look at cute doggie pictures than anything I would write anyhow. Especially if what I write includes ridiculous photos.

This is my Brother’s new puppy. Her name is Sophie. It’s not just an awkward photo–she really runs like that. Both back legs go up at the same time, making her look like a kangaroo, or a frog or something. It also makes one think that she will do a nose plant into the ground at any moment. Don’t worry–she won’t.


In a slightly more normal pose, you can see how adorable she is: