At the risk of revealing my sappiness, I thought it would be appropriate to relate a little thankfulness, this Monday after Thanksgiving.

Oh wait, didn’t you know? Saturday was Thanksgiving. At least it was amongst a group of friends in Brooklyn. You see, every year Sammy Bananas and his friends (many of whom were prominently involved in 90ways, which was a truly special phenomenon while it lasted. All of those folks are onto bigger things, now, but there is still a lot of brilliant content- fiction, essay, science and more- on that site.

Big ChillAnyhow, these folks have spread out over the years, but in a very forward-thinking development have made a commitment to come together for turkey and celebrity (no, not Sammy’s). It’s like the Big Chill, but without the bad vibes and in-fighting. We even had an all Motown soundtrack, featuring “I Was Made To Love Her” and “Hey Love” by Stevie Wonder. Can’t get enough of that guy’s music, lately. Just: wow.

On Friday evening, some of the folks from the party were discussing the proper way to make gravy and in my way I felt it necessary to interrupt and interject. The result: gravy became my job. I have to say: I did pretty good. If they invite me to come again, I would guess that I might end up with that job again. That’s what you get when you know how to make a rue, I suppose…

It was a great evening, all in all, with some great food and a much needed break from non-stop work. I, personally, am an addict when it comes to working on music, and can be a little heavy-handed in my desire to keep on keepin’ on, even past the point of what is healthy. We did get a lot of work done on the new music, though. (No, not that new music, though I would certainly recommend that you pick it up while it’s still so fresh. Review the thing, even. You know you want to.)

Oh yeah, new music. Well, I have a video and if I can figure out how to get it off of my phone, you can bet that I’ll be posting it up here. In the meantime, here’s Sammy, all turkey’d out:

Sammy Bananas and Tryptophane

He cooked the turkey, and let me tell you that it was delicious. Bravo, sir. In fact, all of the food was amazing, from hors d’oeuvres to desserts. So thanks to all of you for having MF in your home for this event.

Afterward, celebrity was played and this is who is popular right now:

Beyonce, Kanye West, Rod Blagojevich, Plaxico Burress, Yogi the Bear, Australia, Plaxico Burress, Mathilda, Twitter, Plaxico Burress, Carla Bruni, Hillary Clinton, Sascha Baron Cohen. Did I mention Plaxico Burress? If you don’t know the game, just click the link above, and for goodness’ sake, play it!

Listing those names, reminds me of something. For years, Roger Angell (famous for many things, you must know him) has written a year-end poem called “Greetings, Friends!”, which is a brilliant, brilliant piece and a must-read. Well, for about ten years he stopped.

But he’s back:

“Fair readers, hail! Now here’s a teaser:
Who’s this pale, familiar geezer
Appearing through the mists of time
Atop a tow’r of creaky rhyme?
Why, yes, it’s us—we’re back, hooray,
To hug you each this holiday
And post sweet thoughts of you from here
To neighbors round the blogosphere.”

It would appear that Plaxico gets no mention, nor Mr. Blagojevich, but that doesn’t stop him from name-dropping everyone from Beyonce- oh hell, here you go:

(We watched this something like 50 times at the end of the night Saturday. I do believe that it is THAT GOOD. Certainly way better than the other video we were subjected to. And no, I won’t link that one.)

-to Michelle Obama, and Snoop Dogg to Tina Fey. He knows who a celebrity is. 80 percent, people. Thems the rules.