Here’s a funny story from the weekend…

So, I’ve been wanting a burberry scarf for a while. Why exactly I want one I can’t really say. They are fairly cliche, though I had no idea how cliche until our weekend jaunt to Nantucket. Waiting to get on the boat yesterday, we saw three people in a row wearing them, and these people weren’t even traveling together.

Despite this fact, I’m still interested. I actually think there is something useful about a cliche if you can pull it off. Frequently, we use them without thinking, but with some amount of awareness, a good cliche is just an effective metaphor.

(This actually reminds me of this week’s SNL, where in a parody of Plaxico Burress, Keenan Thompson said “It brings new meaning to the phrase ‘shooting yourself in the foot’,” and Seth Meyers corrected, “that’s actually the original meaning of the phrase.”)

So, yes, a bad cliche is pretty bad, but a good Burberry scarf is pretty good, and so sometime in the past few weeks I set my sights on one. For you fashion gurus out there, I am, indeed, referring to the classic haymarket check from English fashion house Burberry. Maybe if I call it a haymarket check scarf it won’t be so cliche?

Anyhow, I might just did get myself a scarf this weekend, and here’s how it may have happened:

Most of us know Nantucket as a destination island, a “playground for the rich and famous,” made into a popular place for the rich and powerful to have their trophy homes. It wasn’t always so. Sure, there was wealth, but it wasn’t quite so flaunted.

When Daddy Wrall and myself were growing up on Nantucket, there was a mix of the local and the well-to-do, respectively clad in their dungarees and Burberry. On Stroll weekend they would bump elbows at the Chicken Box because that’s the place to get down. Nowadays, there is a newer element in the very-well-to-do, very well known and totally done up, for all the world to see. I’m talking about the celebrity rich.

Events like the Nantucket Film Festival and political fundraisers for the Clintons and John Kerry have attracted more recognizable celebrity faces than ever before, and wouldn’t it fit that some of them would discover the Homemade Superstardom of Nantucket’s “ultra-original” pop group, Miss Fairchild.

(Ultra original according to Nantucket’s local paper, The Inquirer & Mirror.)

So why wouldn’t Katherine Heigl show up? Even I, who have never seen the show, know that her character is being killed off on Gray’s Anatomy. Heck, I don’t even know if that’s how to spell the show’s name.

Anyhow, why wouldn’t she be at the Box on Saturday night, drinking a Stella Artois and sporting a Haymarket check, er… Burberry scarf. And why wouldn’t she trade that scarf to the handsome flute player for a Miss Fairchild tattoo (photo above.)

I see no reason, dear friends, why it couldn’t have happened just like that. And that’ll work for me.