So, we’re on the ferry right now and the captain has made an announcement: “Attention, please! Will the owner of a green Mercedes please return to the vehicle deck at this time and shut your alarm off. Once again, will the owner of a green Mercedes please shut your alarm off. Your car will not be stolen”


What a great weekend for Miss Fairchild. We had the opportunity to travel to Nantucket for Stroll Weekend, where we could entertain locals and stopovers alike at the Chicken Box, the island’s premier venue, and our regular home when we play there.

Travel to and from the island is always fun. No one wants a band with a bunch of gear on their boat or their plane, but eventually, after much griping, they always help us out. This time, we were able to be a thorn in the side of an airline and a ferry company, so that’s always nice. Spread the wealth and all that.

For those of y’all who haven’t seen a show lately, we’re unveiling new music all the time, and these shows were no exception. In addition to playing all of the tunes from Won’t Be Your Kept Woman, we’ve taken the past few weeks to unveil new versions of old songs like “Your Hair” and “New Thang,” the latter of which may be seeing new life in the form of a limited edition single soon.

We’ve also put together a little spin on one of our favorite all time songs, “Tears of Clown” by the immortal Smokey Robinson, which we are excited to share with all of you very soon. Smokey Robinson is a major source of inspiration and influence for Daddy Wrall and myself when we are writing and editing songs and there is something very subtle about his lyrical and musical pairings, his 1974 solo effort Pure Smokey notwithstanding. Not that it’s a bad record, just less subtle…

We were able to see a lot of our friends (and their new teeth: looking very nice, my friend.) and have some of them guest with us for the Box shows. Jamie Howarth, Joel Finn and Jeff Ross all joined on Friday and Saturday for a few classics. They are great friends, great musicians, and we’re lucky to be able to work with them. Thanks guys!

I don’t know if you folks have been watching Saturday Night Live this season, but you should be. Since Tina Fey’s turn as Sarah Palin ended with the favorable election results, the show has, if anything, gotten better. Recently, Ludacris and T-Pain guested with Tim McGraw for a sketch called “The Blizzard Man”. Just watch.

You may be asking why I bring this up now. I spent all weekend trying to play this clip for the guys. (That’s my job, actually; I watch SNL for them, and then share the best sketches, such as the “Lawrence Welk Show” sketch that deserves it’s own post, at rehearsal.) Each time I tried and was thwarted: either the internet would seize up, or my computer would run out of power, or the phone would ring. One time, I even found an alternate version of the sketch that didn’t have T-Pain or Tim McGraw in it! (Speaking of Tim McGraw, his song “Live Like You Were Dying” really is quite good. It won all the awards, but I got my taste this weekend, thanks to the wonders of the iPhone and musically savvy friends. The song has this twisted premise that manages to really get at something human. I mean, it’s excellent writing. Take a wisten.) Eventually, after many attempts, I did manage to play the sketch for Todd and Trick, but Wrall was MIA and I had to seek other quiet moments to interrupt.

The time seemed to finally come after the show on Friday night. We were hanging in the band house, decompressing and people were filtering out. I fired up the computer, but the wifi didn’t work. I knew there was a hotspot where his car was parked, so I suggested we watch it there. We got in the car, and I started playing it, but there was no sound. There was, however, a strange red light coming from my headphone jack. That jack seemed to work, so we elected to share the earbuds, one apiece, and watch anyway.

We were watching, and laughing (it’s a funny sketch, right?), and I was anticipating the even funnier stuff that was coming up. (Tim McGraw saying, “You must be sippin’ that purp” has to rank up there with one of the more improbable scenarios.) All of the sudden, true to trend, the owner of the Box banged on the window to my right.

“What are you guys DOING?! You guys are rockstars! Are you really geeking out with a computer after that show you just put on? Wait, are you SHARING EARBUDS?! Oh my God, this is shameful. We went to the same high school. You’re giving us all a bad name!”

And on and on. It was classic. We were caught red-handed, electing to watch music industry humor with shared earbuds instead of partying like a couple of rockstars should.

“You are the ones in front! You should have women LINING UP to spend time (ed: some language may have been cleaned up for the younger and more sensitive readers of this blog.) with you. How can you be playing with the computer right now! This is shameful.”

It was absolutely one of the most hilarious moments I’ve had in a while. Thanks for snapping us out of it, Rocky. Now go watch that clip and tell me that isn’t really funny.

Well, it was a great weekend. We’ll see you again soon, Nantucket. You have my number, so give me a call and I’ll fill in the details. We can have a drink when you find yourself on the mainland.