It’s officially official: Miss Fairchild’s brand new Won’t Be Your Kept Woman is available for purchase at download stores all across the infinity that we call “World Wide Web”. These outlets include, but are in no way limited to, iTunes, Amazon (our recommendation for highest quality), Tradebit, etc. Heck, the list goes on!

In case you haven’t heard, Won’t Be Your Kept Woman is a four song EP of original music that Miss Fairchild has been producing to follow up on last year’s Pop-Funk opus Ooh La La, Sha Sha. The new Pop-kernels are sassy, danceable, masterfully executed using MF’s signature stylings, and sure to satisfy your sweet tooth this Halloween! (… Did we mention buttery and caramel-coated?) And, for the fans that have been in there for the long haul, included is a redo of our very first dance hit “Excuse Me Mr.” entitled “Excuse Me, Sister” – it’s even more bangin’ the second time around!

For everybody who endured shoddy downloading procedures (and an unintentional porn onslaught) to get their ears on the FREE WBYKW Mixtape last week, we applaud and admire your perseverance. You like us! You really like us!! But don’t fail us now… we need your support more than ever. Go and download our Won’t Be Your Kept Woman EP and make this set complete.

Oh, and if you need a second opinion on whether or not the new Miss Fairchild music is worth buying, just consult the Portland Phoenix.

So download it already!!! Trust us, your iPod will thank you!

Happy Halloween,

Miss Fairchild

ps Shouts go out to everyone that made this effort possible: guest musician-friends, Grammy Award – winning mastering agent, graphic design artist of blood-relation, baddest backing band in the funkin’ land… You all know who you are! Thanks for everything – MF