Howdy folks. After a decent lapse, I’d like to bring you tales of a brilliant weekend in Fairchildland. DW, Sam Nice and myself are taking Bessie back to Beantown right now and I’ve been tasked to pick up the blog mantle after too many days of letting this thing go. We just went through a toll, paying the 60 cent charge with a five dollar bill. The operator looked at us as he made our change and stated plainly to Sam, who was in the driver’s seat in pure fact only: “You need a receipt.” It wasn’t a question.

“Actually yes,” said the generally agreeable Samuel P. Nice.

“Well, when were you going to ask me, then?”

Well, we had no answer for that. But we did have a good laugh. Sam has no time for such things. He’s driving like a racecar driver to getting Daddy Wrall to Logan Airport, as this son of a preacher has an engagement with a Cessna 402.

Let’s have a look at this micro tour while we zip along I-95 then, shall we?

It’s a weekend that started innocently enough with a show in Boston. Jamaica Plain, to be exact. Our friend Chris Devlin, who is a fantastic DJ now living in the bean city, invited us to be guests at his night, Shake ‘Em Down, which is a regular occurrence at the Milky Way. And you know, besides being a fantastic DJ, he’s basically a fantastic guy. Couldn’t have been more hospitable. (So, thanks so much, Chris.)

It was the day after Halloween, but that didn’t stop the costumes from coming out. Of note was Amy Winehouse, who didn’t seem to recognize her own song when Chris played it. It was a fantastic party, and those of you fans who came ’round are very much appreciated. We think the world of you.

The next night, we headed down to Providence to play for the good people of Brown University. We were packaged with Trivia Night at the Brown Underground, which led to directly to a Spinal Tap reference, for better or worse: “I told them a hundred times: put Miss Fairchild first and then Triva!” And it was a great show. You Brown folks are always so into it. We got intimate with some “Cheatin’ Man” at the end, and there was stompin’ and clappin’ and even some thigh slappin’. It was all very funky. (Thanks for having us, Charlie.)

Darnit! We need gas. Okay, pull over right here. Yeah, yeah. Full service. No time to wait for the other lanes to open up. We’re only going to get a coupe of gallons. Here’s the guy washing our windshield… and the pump stops too early! We’re in a hurry here. Okay, here he comes to finish pumping. No, he leans into the car and starts to talk! And he tells an off-color joke! Okay, he finishes the job and we’re off. If we make it to the airport in time, then that will have been worth it. That guy was a character.

As soon as the Brown show was finished, someone put on The Band’s album Rock of Ages and we got to sing along to “King Harvest” and “Get Up Jake.” Normally, I’d prefer no music after a show, but this was perfect. Could we even say a sign?

In fact, in Brunswick the next day, we may have seen Garth Hudson. Sure, he called himself Tom and was operating the sound at MJ’s Tavern, but he was more or less a dead ringer. He says we’re the best band that has ever played there. So, that’s nice.The drive up was a bit treacherous, with the Hurricane winds and rain, but we managed and MJ’s was spectacular. They boast good food, but it seemed to be great from where I was sitting. Steve really made us feel at home as did all you folks who drove up from Portland in the terrible weather. You folks are amazing and deserve big gold stars!

Okay, we’re listening to “Keep On Running” from Stevie Wonder’s Music of My Mind on repeat while we finish out the last bit of this mad dash to the airport. Sam’s making the best time ever made and we’re all hopped up on this frantic music. (Just go buy the record if you don’t have it. It’s an under-appreciated classic.) Here we are pulling into the departures lane! Stevie’s backup singers are singing “Keep on running, running…” We pull up. I jump out and grab Wrall things from the back, he dashes into the building and we take a deep breath. It seems that we’ve made it in time…

And that’s our weekend. See you soon, please.