Well, dear friends, that’s the question, isn’t it? I’d like to say “No, this blog is not just a tour blog. We update even when we’re home.” And you could certainly point to the single post that’s happened since our September tour ended. Well, you’d have a point…

We’re certainly not above destroying the mystique, describing how we spend our days apart from Miss Fairchild, me scraping forest green paint off of shutters, Daddy Wrall greeting Nantucket’s visitors with his signature “Why hello…”, Sam Nice hobnobbing with North America’s prominent DJs. Sure, but how much do you want to know about that? Let me know, I’ll tell you what I can. We’re normal people with a pretty special (oh we wish it were our primary) job as musicians and we spend our normal lives normally.

Actually, the guy from Nickleback showed up today while I was painting. That was odd. (No, he didn’t. That Staind thing was a one time affair, it seems, unlikely to happen in a driveway somewhere in Massachusetts.) See what I mean, though? Here’s the thing: it’s not a tour blog, but it’s primarily a tour blog. I will update everytime we have a show, I promise. And I will update many days when we don’t. As we get a little more successful within the Fairchild realm, it will become even more difficult to update this thing, but that’s when the Stamina Show takes effect and I promise to be on it even more at that point.

So, if you love us so much, tell your friends! We want to entertain you as much as possible, because of the love we have for you. That means playing shows, giving you more music and writing more blogs. We’ve got to get over this doggone hump, ya know?

Meanwhile, quit ragging on Harry Connick Jr. Sure the dude has made some very lucrative, but artistically unchallenging decisions with sitcoms and that whole Sinatra thing, but he made not one, but two great pop albums. Heck, maybe he made more than that. I know of the two. There’s some funk in there, and some great pop song writing, not to mention some fantastic group back-up vocals. I’d really consider reversing your opinion at once. And don’t get bogged down by his penchant for pitched vocal effects. They have their place and don’t destroy what’s good, either.

Meanwhile, maybe I’ll bring back the definition game tomorrow. Be good.