We made it. (An earlier version of me would refrain from counting my chickens since, technically, we’re still in the van as I write this. Sam, Wrall and The Rocket are all nestled snug in their beds, but Trick and myself are still wearing tire treads.) The road was good to us. We have been reassured that, fundamentally, people are good. Travelers and musicians are the historic beneficiaries of good-natured hospitality and this tour has proven that to us. I’m happy to say that we were welcomed everywhere we went with open arms; that’s a testament to you folks, our friends that invited us to your homes and clubs, who shared meals and advice with us along the way. We truly couldn’t have done it without you.

Today, I’ll give some statistics about our travels and starting tomorrow, we’ll investigate other aspects of life at Miss Fairchild, including new music (live, remixes and new songs), new videos (remember that vanilla place project?), interviews with the guys about their lives in music, and more. Stayed tune for that stuff. We’ll try to keep it entertaining…

Tour Stats:

Countries: 2
States and Provinces performed in: 12
States and Provinces traveled through: 19 Shows: 15
Miles Traveled: 7,738.6

Number of iPods: 4
Number of working iPods: 2
Number of CDs: 0
Number of tapes: 3

Gracious hosts: 8
Motels: 6

Fantastic breakfasts: 6
Crap breakfasts: 4
No breakfast: Never
McDonald’s: Also Never
Cracker Barrel Stops: 1
Vitamin waters: 68
Energy drinks: 11
Hunid Racks: 1
All-Natural White Pistachio Nuts: 1000
Cheese dishes served to The Great Dunlap by accident: 1

Oil Changes: 2
Tire Rotations: 1
Car washes: 2
Home car washes: 1
Gallons of antifreeze: 1
Gallons of gas: Too many
Tolls: Waaaay too many
Odd decisions by Madge: 11
Brilliant decisions Madge: 2,365

Rainy Days: 2
Clear days: All the rest (!)

Inside Jokes
Cracker Barrel Clap: 94
“Thank you Hunid Racks!”: 10
“You never know what the brain knows”: 420
“Maaaahket”: 79
“You’re Trick Johnson, bass player for Miss Fairchild!”: 41
Spinal Tap references: surprisingly few
People alienated by inside jokes: also surprisingly few

MVP candidates:

Fans win in a landslide.

Things: 10,000