Well, we played the last show of this particular tour last night. Within the next couple of days, I will post the upcoming dates (Baltimore, Brooklyn, Boston, Brunswick and more towns that start with the letter B) and continue to fill this blog with tidbits about non-touring Fairchild life and videos of people playing our songs. We hope you’ll stay with us for all that. For now, though, let’s talk about Milwaukee…

Despite three different stop-overs in Milwaukee over the life of Miss Fairchild, we had never actually performed there and I’m happy to report a fantastic show, full of life, energy and people. It would not be inaccurate to describe Milwaukee as a city on the way up, and we hope to be a part of that vitalization, musically and otherwise. Our friend Asher (alias Diamonds), a dj and member of The Glamour, invited us to play at Spaced out, his weekly party at MOCT Bar, where we were apparently his first guest band ever.

He is a fantastic dj and a great guy and it was great to finally meet him. I do believe that there will be video from the show soon, so you will all get to see what this place looks like. MOCT is an old building, a converted machine shop with four enormous garage doors that stay open to the sidewalk during business hours. It has a huge brick wall on one side, concrete floors and metal hoists hanging from the ceiling, which is at least twenty five feet high. Along the back wall is a bar that travels the length of the room. All in all, it is a beautiful room and a fun one to solve, musically.

Sam and Asher took care of that last part, the rest of us just playing our instruments and looking pretty. The crowd was large, loud and in ready to party. Apparently, someone had shipped in some fake snow down the street for snowboarding, and we were, in addition to a stand alone party, the after party for that event. So, with the masses assembled, and an absolutely banging opening set by Diamonds, we brought our Boston flavored funk to the midwest for the last time on this tour. We played well and had a brilliant time, meeting Nebby, the owner and Mark, Asher’s dad who was a huge fan. Taking out an old Hendrix cover brought us a lot of attention, as at least three people commented on how amazing it was to see us play “Manic Depression” in the way that we did. Well, we’re happy to oblige, folks. And we’re glad you dig.

Brothers Wrall and The Rocket headed home on airplanes and it’s up to Sam, Trick and myself to get Bessie home safely. As I write this, we’re in Ohio and happy to be here (for only as long as it takes to get through the state. No jab.) You see, we’re all excited about getting home for a minute, wherever that may be. Next stop New York City to leave Sam, then Maine for Patrick and then… well, if you have any suggestions, I’m game!