Summer came back a little bit. Our last few destinations, including Chicago (where we are now), have been more than a little sticky, which is “nice if you’re with a lady, but no good if you’re in the jungle.” This according to Adrian Cronauer. Well, we’re in the city and it could be nicer. JedSed has been putting us up while we’re here, a fact for which we are very thankful. That’s what family is all about, after all. But we would be remiss not to thank Bryan, because this is his living room, too. (So, thanks Bryan.)

Weather has not been too much of an issue for us. Rain did keep people away in Columbus a little bit, and we had to dodge the drops in Minneapolis a couple of days ago, but, for the most part, we’ve had no rain during load-ins and load-outs, and nothing too difficult to drive in. Even now, the humidity came back just in time, for our air conditioning has been repaired. It isn’t good sleeping weather, though, which can take its toll. A day off is considered essential in terms of making up on lost sleep, but ‘oh well.’

We did have an interesting food experience last night. We ate at El Barco and it was delicious. I’m sure you can tell by the before and after photos of Daddy Wrall’s meal, and Samuel P. Nice’s new “love” for seafood that we weren’t messing about when it came to our one big dinner out. After Wrall finished, our server asked if we wanted anything else. His response, “No room! I think that fish was as big as my entire insides.” Could be, could be.

We didn’t get to hang with our new friends from Lenka’s band like we had hoped. We needed to scope our performance space for tonight and rest a bit so we just couldn’t make it out into the suburbs. We’re really excited about the show tonight, not least because IT”S FREE for y’all. If you have friends in Chi-town, I would send them to Empire Liquors straightaway, because it won’t cost them a thing to get to down with Miss Fairchild.

Until tonight, though. Watch one of our heroes, because that’s some fun to me:

People saying, “_____ is a thing” is a thing.
Bass playing friends is a thing.
Mouse cough is a thing.