Have you ever noticed that when people come back from vacation, almost all they talk about (and even remember) is the meals that they ate? “On Sunday, we went to this really nice Indian restaurant and on Wednesday, we tried Snout Broth for the first time…” Well, I’ve joined you today from Milwaukee to play that role. Sure, we’ll talk about the gig in Madison and list bunch of things, but let’s first go back a little earlier in the day, to a time we call breakfast and a place we call Hell’s Kitchen. No, not that “Hell’s Kitchen.”

I’m talking about the breakfast joint in downtown Minneapolis that promises the “Best Damn Food.” Some of y’all have heard tell of (and eaten at) Nick’s on Broadway in Providence, and I’ve come to tell you that Hell’s Kitchen is the first meal we’ve had to rival the mythical ones from days past at Nick’s. So, boring or not, I’m here to tell you what we ate yesterday.

We had homemade crab cakes turned benedict with red pepper hollandaise, caramel pecan rolls with cream butter, the most complex layers of flavor in a bison sausage we’ve ever tasted, enormous rich huevos rancheros that were the best Trick’s ever had, toast with delicious homemade peanut butter and homemade jam (no jar in sight), perfectly cooked eggs of every and any style, a delicious fruit salad, espresso, enormous cups of coffee, juice and all kinds of things! Bored already, huh? Well, you need to go to the mini-apple and try this breakfast. Trust us. If you trust us about anything, make it our record, And even if you don’t trust us about that, go to Hell’s Kitchen for breakfast. Hey, we blew a whole day’s food money on one meal and nobody regrets it for a second.

We headed to Madison, WI to play at The Annex, where our new friend Darwin arranged a fantastic bill for us to join. It was a Tuesday night crowd and a great one. We had a great time bringing our particular brand of funk to such a cool city. Actually, let’s talk about that, because sometimes when we say “cool,” we don’t mean that in a nice way. Madison is a warm city, not too cool for school in the least. They know something good and timeless when they see it, and they respond. (So, thanks Darwin and thanks Madison!)

The second act on our bill was a Czech grammy winner and pop star named Lenka Dusilova (or if you prefer to read English, her myspace has some songs and a biography). She was downright amazing, as was her band. (Mike, Joe, Ben, Grey: nice work gentlemen. Nice work.) The songs had amazing dynamics and ran the gamut from pretty folk-tinged ballads to raucous noisy guitar effects and harmonized singing. She sang in both Czech and English and we were completely entranced from beginning to end. We were happy to lend some gear and let the sounds wash over us. And we hope to see them tonight. You’ll find out in the blog tomorrow if that goes down successfully…

The last band, Reason for Leaving was also great and we really enjoyed their sound. (Adam, Sean, Kai, Lee and Jason: thank you for sharing the stage with us.)

Madison was fantastic, and is close enough to Milwaukee that we could make us a pallet on the floor at the home of the good Rev. Dr. Richard, or as we like to call him, Dad. He got up at 3am to meet us and show us where to sleep, for which we couldn’t be more thankful. Dad came home from work to make us some eggs first thing after we woke up and we headed into Wisonsin to check out the headquarters of Burst Collective, where Trick’s old friend Kyle is up to some new tricks. The place and the business itself is fantastic. They make some really cool music. At this site you can play around with adjectives to find music that suits a specific mood or energy. It’s really cool, so definitely check it out.

Speaking of energy. Hunid Racks is great, but how about Beaver Buzz?

Next up: Chicago! (Once again.)

Energy drinks is a thing.
Burst Collective is a thing.
Cheese is a thing.
Ultra-fast blogging is a thing.