We rolled into one of our favorite cities, Chicago, on time for a soundcheck for which we were sure we would be late. (Thank goodness for time zones!) Of course, Bessie is largely un-parkable in these densely populated cities, but we managed to find a paid spot in a nerby lot, said “the heck with it,” and splurged. Despite some confusion about how this gig was to go down, we managed to load-in and sound check with relative smoothness. Before that happened, I had to find a way to post our last blog entry, so I crouched down on the sidewalk next to a coffee shop and borrowed their connection. Sitting there on the concrete at dusk, uploading photographs and editing the blog, I was the object of not a few stares and comments. One guy thought that I was surfing for pornography, which I let him believe and worse, “Yeah. It’s amazing. You can upload from anywhere now. Wanna come look?” That did away with that “conversation.” It has been a significant subplot, though, this search for an internet connection. Most people with laptops have logged on at a stop light, sending an e-mail or pulling up the Times to find out about the latest catastrophes, but since my promise to get an update on here everyday (and occasionally twice), it has been a particular focus of mine to find a WiFi signal anywhere I can. And on to real information…

That having been taking care of and having been lucky enough to be offered a home-cooked meal to eat before the show, we high-tailed it down the street for an excellent vegetarian Italian meal. (Thanks again, Lexie! And for the rest of you, in case you didn’t notice, thanks go in parentheses. So far the roll looks like this: goodness, Lexie. More to follow, surely.) It was a much appreciated gesture and much needed nourishment after having done a bit of, uh, settling when choosing our food the past couple of days. If anyone else wants to offer the same in cities we are headed to in the future, we won’t say no. (Hint, hint.)

Akasha opened the show and they were fantastic. Between Cosmos’ lead vocals, rootsy harmonized backup vocals and a deep pocket, the mix of reggae and gospel blues had the whole club entranced, yours truly included. (Thanks for playing with us, guys. You have five new fans in the Miss Fairchild band.) I’m completely sold on these guys. Sign me up. For those of you with The Miss Fairchild Mixtape know that Cosmos is the guy singing the hook on Lipschitz’ “Hell’s Bells.” (“Sounding in the streets and the alleys,” etc.) He and they are very talented and you should keep an eye out for them. Both eyes, preferably.

JedSed was next on the mic and he destroyed it as always. “Who?” you say? Well, our friend JedSed is the same man that has been rocking stages as Lipschitz for the past few years. After lengthy tortured debate and many sleepless nights, he embraced his original name, and seemingly without a Star Wars reference. (Thanks for humoring us, Jed.)

Jed has been in the Jive Sucka! family since before Jive Sucka! The first show ever of that particular band happened before a band name was chosen, before we realized how important it is to drop out of the “School of Too Cool” and do something specifically positive. We knew it all deep down, but we hadn’t put it in the manual jet. In those days, he played trumpet and saved his rhymes for late night free-styling sessions at little beaches and college dormrooms. Everything in his field of vision would inspire his rhymes. (“I’m going off the poster, I’m going off the poster…”) Now, it’s the vision of his rhymes that inspires. We produced a record for him called JedSed, which is definitely the way to go. That’s the campaign slogan. Say it now. Say it loud:

JedSed is the way to go.
JedSed is the way to go.
JedSed is the way to go!

Jed plays all the trumpet on Ooh La La, Sha Sha… (you picked that up already, right?), showcasing his skills in that arena on every tune on the record. We’ll surely do another one of his records with him soon, too, because JedSed is the way to go, for you and me both. I would tell more stories about him, but everything else I know about this enigmatic MC is either a) embarrassing to him or me, or b) classified until further notice. You’ll have to wait for the book for all the nitty gritties. He’ll be a more regular character in these stories when

Speaking of which, Chi-city got down to the nitty of the gritty last night when Miss Fairchild finally made our return, and finally debuted this five piece band we’ve been toting all year. Our fans came out in support and we had a blast. My only regret is not being about to backup JedSed for his whole set with our whole band. We did get to play “Do What They Won’t” as a band, though. (Oh, by the way, THANKS CHICAGO! Finally tally: goodness, Lexie, Akasha, JedSed, the entire city of Chcago.)

Next time: OLLSS tracklisting fun (a sneak peak into the inner workings of Miss Fairchild). But first, some more things:

Jive Sucka! family is a thing.
Borrowed WiFi is a thing.
“No, we don’t have shows on Sunday” is a thing.
“We do? This is the first one ever, then.” is a thing.
Forgetting the lyrics and freestyling is a thing.
Freestyling well is a thing.
Home-cooked meals is a thing.