Here I am in Montreal, friends, in the most excellent apartment of our musical and personal host Louis-Marc, aka DJ Truspin. I’m typing as quietly as I can because the rest of the band is still sleeping. We had a late night last night playing our first ever Montreal show…

It was a great show, in fact. We were really tight- literally, just about on top of each other- and the music reflected that. As usual with a brand new MF audience, there was a good deal of stupefaction. You see, these people saw the gear onstage and were expecting a band, but they weren’t expecting a show. And when they got one, they didn’t really know what to do. So they looked on in disbelief and wonder, with smiles on their faces and wide eyes and afterward, when Louis-Marc and Samuel were making them dance with the past and present jams, we danced with them and applied tattoos and had a grand old time.

Once again, I’m struck with how nice these Canadians are. It’s cliche to say, but I’m afraid it’s true- they are such nice people! Between our host and the sound guy(s) Pierre (yes, both of them) at Jello Bar, not to mention the rest of the staff there, it seems like they have us Americans beat soundly.

Hell Date

We arrived in the city yesterday with some time to spare, so we headed here, to this apartment straight away. We had tea with Louis and watched “Hell Date” on BET, which is nothing if not entertaining. It’s like Punk’d meets NEXT and the best part is when the little dude in the Lucifer costume comes out at the end, pokes the unsuspecting soul in the back with a plastic devil’s fork and says, “You’ve been hell dated!” Well, maybe he says, “You’ve been on ‘Hell Date’,” but the former would have been funnier.

This episode including a guy who pretended to be a misogynistic Nigerian and definitely walked some fine lines… It had us hooked, though. In the battle of who sells more next Tuesday, 50 Cent has the top video and Kanye has number three or four. Tough to say who’s going to outsell whom, though it seems Kanye’s got the critical support, but 50’s got the people. It’ll be interesting, that’s for sure…

Louis played us the new Duran Duran jam with Timbaland. I would link his blog if I could find it. I will, in fact. Just might be a minute.

More things:

Language barriers is a thing.
Gracious hosts is a thing.
Two for one pizzas all the time is a thing.
Awkward/scary bathroom encounters is a thing.
Loading Bessie just right is a thing.
Throat “lozengers” is a thing.
Late night showers is a thing.
Early morning jogging is a thing.

Blogging is a thing.