Muster up!

After playing Firehouse 13 in Providence, Miss Fairchild defined the Stamina Show by heading with a quickness to Nantucket Island, the original home of Jive Sucka! and the old stomping grounds for us all…

We had hoped to hit up Nick’s on Broadway, where we had the best band meal of our lives a few months ago, and the germination point for many a Fairchildian thought. But settled (and it was great so we can’t really call it “settling”) for scones and bagels while we drove. I drove, in fact, and we arrived in Hyannis just in time to scramble (and I do mean scramble to board the boat. We didn’t have a car ticket, so that meant carrying all of our gear on by hand. A nearly impossible feat, especially with so little preparation time, but we mustered up (not to be confused with mustard up) and managed to haul the whole band onto the boat.

And that wasn’t the only action the Stamina Show would see in the next 24 hrs. We’ll get to that shortly.

We had a great open sound check at the Rose & Crown, where a few of our younger fans were able to catch a couple of songs before the bar turned 21 plus. We have a family show, as I’m sure you know, so we love for the family to come out to see us. And had a great dinner at Mom and Bob’s in celebration of Todd “The Rocket” Richard’s birthday. [Happy Birthday Todd!] Mom made an amazing spread and we all ate too much (happily.)

And then the show. We had uncles and cousins and parents and teachers and babysitters and classmates and co-workers and friends (lots of friends), musical compatriots and longtime fans. Basically, a giant lovefest in the form of a Miss Fairchild Show. Our good friend Mike Woodard, whose version of “Vanilla Place” will be featured on this site very shortly, was there, looking tall as ever. He’s really tall. And his brother is even taller. A family of giants, I tell you. We could be hobbits next to him. Wrall as Frodo Baggins and Sam Nice as Samwise Gamgee.

So, this is where the Stamina Show comes in: after getting home around 3, we all got up at 7 and prepared a trio version of “Vanilla Place” for performance on Plum TV’s Morning Noon and Night Show. We then went down to the wharf and brought some funk to their little show. Very fun, but a little taxing on the body and mind. Sam Nice gets the Stamina Show Award for learning a part he had never played and slaying it dead live on the air. Props to that man. As my brother Seth puts it, “He’s a valuable entity.”



“Can I quote you on that?”

“Yeah, why? Is that bad?”

Nope, not bad. Good, good, good: Samugood P. Nice.

But you can call him Samubad, becuase he’s Nice that way.

And tomorrow it’s “An Hour with Bob” on RI television. From there: Canada!

Talk to you soon,