Okay, so that Boston CD release party was fantastic! Many thanks to everyone who came out and supported. You made the night very special. We were sooo happy to see the extended family show up and dance and sing along. You got a taste of the beginning of the next stage for us and yo made it great. For those of you who missed it, so be it. Some interesting tidbits include:

An appearance by the (some would say imaginary, we say) impressive and inimitable Don Dilego who has been inspirational to us throughout the making of this record.

Application of Miss Fairchild tattoos to various body parts with saliva and tongue. And none of the tongues were ours! (Photos to follow…)

Friends reporting from Providence, Chicago, Portsmouth, Portland and Nantucket: Wow! Way to bring your own brand of funk Beantown way.

The van: Her name is B.E.S., but you can call her Bessie. She’s doing great and we love her. Pictures to follow sooooon.

T-shirts: well, they weren’t there at the show, but they’re here now. Their designer was there. His name is Andy and he’s available. Ask us to get in contact. Once again: photos tomorrow.

Great Scott: is fantastic. We love it there. Ben, Carl, you guys are great. Thanks for all your help this summer with The Miss Fairchild Show. We’ll never forget it.

Tour tidbits to follow daily from now on. Check back and stay in touch!

We love you,