August 2007

Miss Fairchild, the Boston-based Pop-Funk band, announce the release of their sophomore long-player Ooh La La, Sha Sha… on Tuesday, September 4, 2007. With a style that distills the best funk and pop music from the past thirty years into a fresh new sound, the album fuses the band’s flair for spectacle with a genuine knack for what works.

Building on a history of razor sharp production values, Ooh La La, Sha Sha… features ten new songs, including four first heard on the summer sensation The Miss Fairchild Mixtape, released in May of this year. Two of these are “Number One,” which has “got everything you want, really… A nice story, a sick beat, and a chorus that gets your whip moving around the corners a little faster in the morning,” (Music For Robots) and “Vanilla Place,” “which shows off the band’s appeal in less than four minutes: bright layered melodies, funky rhythms, and lead singer Daddy Wrall’s charming, El DeBarge-like vocals.” (Idolator)

Balancing the varied sensibilities of the slick dance floor rhythms of The Jacksons and the down and dirty funk of Graham Central Station, Sha Sha… showcases the catchy melodies, infectious rhythms, and tight arrangements that have made Miss Fairchild so successful in their previous releases: 2004’s :Album and 2005’s Housing Prodgect EP, as well as production credits on JedSed’s Lipschitz: Jed Sed.

True “Homemade Superstars,” Miss Fairchild epitomize their moniker, having written, arranged, recorded and produced the entire album themselves. With beats and production helmed by Samuel P. Nice (aka Sammy Bananas of Certified Bananas fame), vocals by Daddy Wrall and instrumentation performed by Schuyler Dunlap, Miss Fairchild enlisted friends and family to fill out their sound with strings and horns, making the record a true family affair. And fans of The Miss Fairchild Show will be pleased to find that Ooh La La, Sha Sha… sees the band emphasizing the influences of their live incarnation: the unbridled energy of Sly & The Family Stone, the tightness of The Time, and the unadulterated fun of Tony Toni Toné. There’s a reason popular mp3 blog Music For Robots says, “Miss Fairchild is the house band for the good times.”

Ooh La La, Sha Sha… will see pre-Tuesday premiers in Portland, ME (8/24), Boston, MA (8/30), Nantucket, MA (8/31), Providence, RI (9/1), and Brooklyn, NY (9/2).