Hey y’all,

As you may or may not know, we are gearing up for an album release and a more expansive tour schedule. We’d love some help in getting the word out about the record and shows. If you are interested in joining the street team, e-mail us at missfairchild@gmail.com with your name, address (for mailing posters), t-shirt size (you get one free!) and phone number (to call you on the day of the gig) and you will be officially a member of the MF Street Team!

This is what it is to be Fairchildren.

We see the street team as having two main responsibilities:
1. Promoting specific shows.
2. Promoting the band in general.

As far as promoting specific shows, this can include the following: fliering, postering, e-mailing your friends, sending facebook/myspace bulletins and making personal appeals. Most importantly, though, we hope you will just keep the show in mind and tell people, invite people, remind people about it. If it helps to have some fliers to give out, that’s great. Word of mouth is about the only word that anyone hears, especially when it comes from friends. Whatever works, really. We empower you to do what you feel good about, basically, to make the party one that you would want to be at (unless you like sparsely attended soirees; that’s not really what we’re looking for…)

As far as promoting the band, it’s the same kind of thing. Tell people that there is an album out (as of September 4th) and that it’s good. Tell them that it makes a great gift. Tell people that there is a website with a regularly updated blog and lots of content. Tell people about the continuing availability of a FREE MIXTAPE. Burn the mixtape for folks. Encourage your friends to cover the songs. Post relevant information on forums and chatboards. Anything that you can think of to help with our Positive Music Movement.

This may seem obvious, but if you know anyone in the industry that could help us (radio people, promoters, managers, booking folks, anybody relevant), tell them about the band! Give them the website and follow up with them to see if they listened to the music.

And lastly, let us know if there is anything that you need from us to make your job easier. Or any suggestions that you have. We know that we can’t please everyone, but we’re trying to do more here than just be a band. We’re trying to be a happening, a rolemodel, a phenomenon. That takes more than a few guys with ideas. So we appreciate the thoughts. Like I said, we empower you!