Well, well, well. For those of you who missed it, there was some pretty wacky stuff happening at 36 Hummock Pond Road on Nantucket last night. Between Daddy Wrall leaping into the pool fully clothed during our set and some folks leaping into the pool, um… less fully clothed right after we finished, it’s safe to say that somebody had a good time last night.

In a harken back to the days of Jive Sucka!, Miss Fairchild turned out a fashion show come house party that was, in one sage’s words, “very Nantucket.” Todd “The Rocket” and Trick Johnson rallied surriously for the stamina show to get to the island from their respective northern ports, and Samuel and myself interrupted our vacations to entertain the folks making their money available for the Nantucket Aids Network.

I’d like to take a moment as well to thank Mike V., a longtime friend and new member of Team Fairchild, for his help with gear, lighting and security. Hopefully you’ll see him on the road with us in the future.

Meanwhile, I’ll try to get some photographs up here soon of the madness that went down at this event, if they haven’t all been destroyed in some freak accident. It’s the kind of party people will be denying ever happened in a couple of weeks, and, well, we wouldn’t want that.

I’ll be posting some Fairchild History up on the site later in the week. Don’t miss the Trick Johnson interview and bio that’s up on the “About” pages.