Yo Uncle!

Check This Out! An article en espanol about how Miss Fairchild is going places!

Thanks to Fran Rodriguez for letting us know about her wonderful article!

What, you don’t read Spanish? This is is how Google translates it (and it’s especially fun to read out loud):

“Providence, Rhode Island, are a city relatively small for the American standards. Something as well as Salamanca, so that we become an idea, also with much university life. But the size does not matter to lodge surprising places like AS220. A garito is this one that could well appear in one peli of Scorsese in New York type “Jo what night”, for that reason it perhaps is in the Empire street, in he himself center of Providence but in clear reference to the Empire State (New York). With an important musical base, like room of concerts alternative, also offer exhibitions or performances or artistic variants of diverse nature. Special memory with affability a painting exhibition where all the works had some reference to the mark of Goya food, fundamental for any emigrant Spanish in the United States to the product search of the Iberian Peninsula. We could say that it had certain reminiscencias of Warhol, but with a connotation much less glamourosa and of greater authenticity. By another part, in the building where is as220 are apartments destined exclusively to artists stops that they can develop his work of a way more comfortable. He is not bad. The past Saturday the 14 of July AS220 lodged their annual festival of music throughout the day and great part at night. They mounted a scene in the street, just in front of the doors of the room, and the street filled of young people with desire to pass it well. That way they passed multitude of bands of all type and condition, but there were chavales that shone of special way. Miss Fairchild is able to handle to the public his ill. In addition to a way totally shameless and without complexes. One says that they are a group future-funk, future- pop or strange combinations of together labels, but basically he is as if we took to a group disc, pop or funk of the 70, we maintained his beards, his indescriptibles trousers and their desire of march, and we transported them to century XXI. But to that definition him lack something very important. Perhaps most important of Miss Fairchild. The gravy. Or what is that makes move skeleton to hundreds of twentyish in these times. And it is that Miss Fairchild has a control of the scene frankly impressive to be chavales. No they leave minutes died in scene, everything is bound, they alternate very well different rates, maintain attention of the public constantly, uses multitude of scenic tricks like removing to posters with the letters from refrains or objects related to the songs, they play constantly with the public and, in addition, like it hoists, have a singer with a personality sweeping. This uncle is a true star although he can that still does not know it. The band is headed by the vocalista Daddy Wrall, that also touches to percussions several, Samuel P. Nice to the keyboards, plates and saxo high and Schuyler Dunlap to guitars, keyboards, flauta and voices. In addition they are accompanied by a low and battery very solid but that I do not have nor idea of its names. They are going to remove to his second east disc month from September, Ooh, Shah Shah, but without a doubt some that their fort is the direct ones. Not me it would be strange to see turning them soon by celebrations of average world. Pure diversion. The magic of music in direct in action once again.”