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jive sucka: an unhip loser.

Jive Sucka!: a respectful command, between stand-up sisters and brothers, from a once upon a band in a time far away, when some hard funkin’ motherlovers didn’t know what they were sayin’.

Jive Sucka! is a reminder that in each of us there is the potential to be sincere in our style, not so cool that we’re corpses, confident in the path that leads out of our past, but no so chic we can’t get off our high horses. Jive Sucka!s might once have been just Kinda Smooth, but that’s old news. Most importantly, perhaps, there’s funk in there. In the words of Huey Lewis, it can be “Hip to be Square.”



Miss Fairchild, the Boston-based Pop-Funk band, announce the release of Miss Fairchild Presents the Miss Fairchild Mixtape, a soundtrack for the summer’s many pleasures. Showcasing four songs from their long-anticipated second album, Ooh La La, Sha Sha…, plus material from such luminaries as Sly & The Family Stone, Tony Toni Toné, and The Time, The Miss Fairchild Mixtape blends 60 Pop-Funk classics and rarities into a feel-good heat wave that lasts from Sunday morning until Saturday night.

Fans anxious to capture the wild spectacle of Miss Fairchild in concert will not be disappointed. The verve and power of their live show – often compared to a mixtape for its blend of songs, calculated flow and flair for dramatic transitions – will be fully present in The Miss Fairchild Mixtape . Mixed by dj Samuel P. Nice, an accomplished maverick of the online mixtape game, The Miss Fairchild Mixtape will be the perfect companion to The Miss Fairchild Show, providing a context and a platform for their present-day Pop-Funk.

Released in conjunction with their summer concert series Miss Fairchild Presents the Miss Fairchild Show, the 80 minute mixtape will be available as a free download on the group’s website, and for concertgoers at The Miss Fairchild Show. The first single from Ooh La La, Sha Sha, “Number One,” featured here for the first time, will be released in June of this year, and will be followed by the full length release in September.

Miss Fairchild is vocalist Daddy Wrall, multi-instrumentalist Schuyler Dunlap and renowned producer Samuel P. Nice, aka Sammy Bananas of Certified Bananas.

Here is a live clip of Miss Fairchild performing Vanilla Place from a recent show in Providence. Video shot by Alex Mayer.