Many of you have been writing lately to ask what is afoot here at Camp Fairchild; in fact, we have been overwhelmed with inquiry, comment and plea. Well, today I, Schuyler Dunlap, your Original Homemade Superstar, write to you to answer your pleas, allay your fears and relieve your stresses.

After very nearly 2 full years of joy and pain, Daddy Wrall, Samuel P. Nice and myself have completed the final mixes on the much anticipated Ooh La La, Sha Sha. Indeed, the release of our sophomore offering is nigh.

Now, by “nigh” I mean a couple of months away. There are a few loose ends to be completed on the musical and non-musical aspects of the record, but we are closer than ever. In fact, a number of recordings will be leaked over the following months, being made available on the website and at a number of promotional mixtapes to be released at future shows. Look out for these surprises as a limited edition thank-you to those of you who choose to spend your evenings getting down to our music. (As a side note, I hope all of you that picked up a copy of the first installment in this series last month in Boston are enjoying the remarkable work of our very own Samuel P. We think he’s pretty special.)