A seminal night for Miss Fairchild, this Halloween 2006. Playing at Chicky’s Fine Diner in the hamlet of Westbrook, ME, DW, P. and myself had decided to dress as “the old Miss Fairchild.” Under those rules, Wrall might have had bigger hair and a different cut to his beard, P. might have worn sweat pants (pink, preferably) and I might have sported an ascot. Upon arrival, however, we found our costumes had already been taken by three enterprising fans. So Caitlin, Liz and Meaghan: way to represent. Maybe we can get some photos up here so the good folks keeping score at home can see. (hint, hint…)

At Halloween parties, you see people dressed as pop stars and musicians all the time; normally, however, those pop stars aren’t you.

Until next time, The Great Dunlap