okay, so this isn’t a sports blog and i’m not going to talk about the c’s. i am, however, going to shout out christopher rockswell, aka develin of develin and darko, who recently moved up here and was sporting a pretty fly c’s hat. he’s from baltimore and no one expects him to work any bullets gear (esp. since the bullets had two failed attempts at existing are now the wizards of all teams.) so welcome to beantown chris.

well, show with spankro was pretty slamming. big thank you to everyone that came out. as you can see, there are changes, surprises, moments of awe and wonder. ups to chris (soundguy), ronnie, spankrock, paserock, ben (happy birthday) and others. for those of you who weren’t able to get tickets: we’ll be back soon, i promise.

in the meantime, go root for the celtics, they need it right now. (there’s always hope, though, especially with such a young team.)