People: we love you. You are the reason this is good and I thank for you that.

Miss Fairchild made a little homecoming last night, to the place that, in a way, it all started. You see, Daddy Wrall, the Great Dunlap and Samuel P. Nice used to play in this band Jive Sucka! way back in 1997-8 that foreshadowed in a serious way what’s going down nowadays. That band lived and played on Nantucket Island and it is to her shores that we returned last night with the new five piece band.


And Nantucket really came out for us. Came out and supported the band, supported the music, supported the upcoming album, supported its own. You folks exceeded my expectations.

And hopefully we did the same for you.

For those of you who don’t know what’s up, it’s a whole new era in Fairchildland and if I were you, I would get on the train now, while you still can. Those of you that have been with us all along: say word, motherlovers; you guys got it going on.

And on we go. See you at the next show.