PEOPLE!!!!! (What you doin’?)

Well, we at MF are standing on the verge of getting it on, motherlovers. I have to say sorry for my long absence from this blog. It isn’t that there is nothing going on, more that there is too much going on. We’ll get to that shortly.

For those of you who aren’t hip to the e-mail list, two things: (1) get hip, go to and sign up; (2) uh, it sounds kind of drastic, but we have a new band.

Yep, a new band. That means that the seamless tight transitions between impossibly hype mf jams and reinvented classics will now be louder, tighter, fresher and maybe even funkier. Samuel P. NIce, Daddy Wrall and myself (The Great Dunlap) will now be joined onstage by bassist Trick Johnson and drummer Todd “the Rocket” Richard.

If it sounds important and kind of a big deal, then I conveyed what I came to convey. If you’re reading this and thinking, “I don’t see what makes this important news…” then let me just say this:OUR SHOW IS WAY BETTER. Some of you have liked it before; now you will love it. Some of you already loved it; I’m afraid to see what you will do. (On a side note, we are taking stalker applications at…)

Why did we perform such drastic surgery on a band that was pretty darn good? Well, it all starts with a little thing called “Ooh La La, Sha Sha…” (which shouldn’t be in quotes, but italicized, I know. My computer can’t do that.) You see, we wrote this record that just wouldn’t cut it in the old three piece outfit and rather than just not playing our new material, well, you get the idea.

I know you’re saying, “Does this mean the long-anticaptead OLLSS is coming out?” And I respond with, “Yes, but not right away.” We are really close to finishing it and it’s wonderful, but for now you can’t buy it. You can, however, hear songs such as “Number One,” “Vanilla Place,” “Cheatin’ Man” and “Tic Toc” if you come see

…wait for it…


Have I stated it enough? Trick and the Rocket are motherlovers. These kinds can play their behinds off, play circles around a stage. They are so good we had to rewrite old material so that it met their lofty standard. So, if you like the classic mf jams, have no fear: THEY’RE BETTER TOO.

Okay, I hope I didn’t overstate it.