Hi People.

I haven’t written in a while, but that doesn’t mean that things aren’t happening. The album is coming along brilliantly and we have some surprises in store for our new live show. The news, though, is not happy. The music that has played the most prominent role in my listening over the past six or seven months has been two albums called That’s the Way God Planned It and Encouring Words, both excellent and both by a man that passed yesterday at 59: Billy Preston.

I was first inspired to check out his music after seeing his turn in George Harrison’s Concert for Bangladesh. These two albums (some of the only albums available in totality on cd) were both produced by George Harrison and are inspirational. They exude joy and positivity without being soft or boring. It is a mournful day as this lost strikes us deep. We will miss Billy, even if we never knew him. He played on some of your favorite music, from the Beatles to Ray Charles. Search for him on Google Image and tell me that isn’t an infectious smile. Or watch the “Get Back” clip from the Let it Be film on youtube.com and watch for Billy’s entrance. He said, “Soul can’t be measured by size” and that’s good because we don’t have numbers big enough to measure his.