Those of you who have seen Miss Fairchild recently might have noticed a very slight addition to our stage set-up. On either side of (or sometimes underneath) Samuel P. Nice’s dj table rest two large PA speakers. Why would we be toting around such ridiculousness, you ask? Well, in recent discussions about the traditional hip-hop format that we have adopted (plus flute, keyboards and percussion), we realized that Samuel was missing a thing or two from his setup.

Take a look back at footage of a Public Enemy performance from twenty years ago and you’ll see Chuck D (played here by Daddy Wrall) Flavor Flav (played by yours truly) and Terminator X (hence the new P.Nice moniker: Terminator P.) We figured if X gets to be surrounded by an overpowering source of his own music, why not P.?

Soon this whole setup could be changed forever and instead of comparing us to Public Enemy (not being a hip-hop act, it does seem a little suspect…) I might use the James Brown mold (with Dubs as Mr. Please Please himself, myself as Bobby Byrd with a little Fred Wesley thrown in and P. Nice as, well, everybody else.)

Since “Everybody Else” doesn’t have much of a ring to it, let’s stick with Terminator P. That way he can dream that he’s haaaaaaaaaaard.