Why has it taken me so long to post a blog entry? It’s not for lack of something interesting to say. We’ve played a number of fantastic shows lately, at AS-220, Sin-e and most recently Bubba’s Sulky Lounge, the first two with our very dear friends Get HIm Eat Him and the most recent with the inimitable Slowing Room and the family’s own Lipschitz, of Bad News Jones fame. Those of you who STILL haven’t checked out his music head over to myspace.com/jedsed immediately. You can finish reading my ramblings another time.

We’ve also put in many many many hours in the studio, recording our best music to date: a second full-length entitled “Ooh La La, Sha Sha…” To give you a sense of things, after I finished tracking all of the rhythm tracks (bass, guitars and keyboards with P.Nice on the drum tracks) we just layered a six piece horn section on the whole album. Yes, the whole album. Sooner than later we will also have a few of these tunes sprinkled throughout the live show.

And there are many other interesting topics to cover, including the Grammys, which performance-wise may have been the best ever. There is a new Prince album, which is fantastic, especially the MF favorite, “Lolita.”

My thinking is this: How about you give me a free pass on the lack of interesting updates, and I’ll start writing more? Maybe we can find out what happens when keepin’ it real goes right.