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Or weeks more like it. The last three strongs have been all about the stamina show for Miss Fairchild. To those of you that have been persistently requesting a new blog posting, I apologize for taking so long. Here’s what’s up:

“Ooh-La-La, Sha Sha…” is coming along brilliantly. I’m sure that you will all love the direction we’re taking in the studio. Taking cues from the live show, we’re going balls to the wall with this one: no beating around the bush, no ballads, no showtunes or freak folk. This is pure and modern, unabashed Fun with a capital K. (Who knows, you might hear a tune or two at the next show…)


Now you know who Im talking about?

Now you know who I'm talking about?

This past strong, we traveled to New York, to let the good people at the Knitting Factory in on the secret. They were pretty happy about that. On the way, however, I realized that I needed a haircut. Three windy days outside on Nantucket had given my normally resilient do a run for its money and I was looking a little too much like the leaning tower of Dunlap for my preference. So, we stumbled across the Eva Scrivo Salon in the west village, and I had my mop shorn while sitting next Kristen Johnston from “3rd Rock from the Sun.” It seems that she lives around there. Shortly before being escorted out by two large bouncer types (where did they come from?) I really got into it with “that actress that played Sally Solomon” about John Lithgow’s accent. “He does not really talk like!” I found myself asserting, with no basis whatsoever.


Okay, I made that last part up, but it was a kind of celebrity salon, that apparently takes Kristen Johnston by appoinment and members of Miss Fairchild as walk-ins. It was qute a task to find the place. I nearly had to accost a few well-dressed Manhattanites, threatening them as I ask “Who’s you barber?” Realizing that they, in their fear, might just say, “You are!” (and then I’d have to call them out for lying and watch the whole thing come tumbling down) I abandoned this plan. It was Daddy Wrall’s good eyesight, and Samuel P. Nice uncanny parking abilities that found this particular salon for us. My stylist, Nichole, was quite nice. She suggested Depeche Mode’s newest album, though I can’t endorse it myself, never having heard it.

I would suggest Billy Preston’s “That’s the Way God Planned It” from 1970 and E-40 featuring Keak Da Sneak: “Tell Me when to Go.” Here’s to E-40 blowing up. He’s certainly put in his time.

So, the show in New York was great. Thanks Lucia for putting that together and especially thanks to all fans for making it fun. We’ll see you next time. The show in Providence might have slightly dwarfed that show, though, when the whole city came out for the grand opening of the taco truck taking over the right side of the joint. “What up tacos!” Thanks to Jeffrey for sticking to your guns about us.

We’ll see you all soon. Please drop us a line whenever. I’ll get right back to you. We are (after all) the type of band that you’ll see in the street and want to talk to. At least that’s what they tell me.