Well, Miss Fairchild was firing on all cylinders this weekend.

We rolled through our best Boston show to date. Thanks to Great Scott and all the fans who came from near and far for making that happen. (And Jon- you get the MVP trophy…) Certified Bananas, Big Digits and Hott Beat all killed it as expected.

Samuel P. Nice and the Great Dunlap mastered their newest EP, to be released under the name ‘Spinning’ very soon. It sounds great and we’re sure you’ll love it. Those of you who played on the record will be getting copies soon.

We enjoyed a wonderful show at Space in Portland. Woopla Fauna (Sontiago, Moshe and Erin Davidson) were excellent. We are so lucky to have shared the stage with you. Thanks to Todd, Todd and Ryan for their help organizing the show.

And we saw the release of not one, but two (2!) new records: The Housing Prodgect EP and Lipschitz: Jed Sed, our Christmas and Hannukah offerings, respectively. They are both available online and for a special holiday price. Early reports are very positive so get ‘em while you can. The Housing Prodgect disc is limited edition and includes the much asked-for tracks “It’s Your World” (the peppermint stick song) and “Starstruck” (the mirror song).





“Jed Sed” is the first solo full-length by Nantucketastrophe poet laureate Lipschitz. Miss Fairchild produced the entire record collectively and individually and we’re really proud of it. Check out a couple of tracks at myspace.com/jedsed


Well, have a great holiday everyone. I’ll be sure to give updates as they come up.

T.G. Dunlap

“Oh you know I’m a ghost”