Hiya folks,

We’re in Chicago now, after two (somewhat grueling) days driving from Portland. We were only nearly run off the road by an enormous truck one time and we enjoyed our fifteen minutes of sleep at the Day’s Inn down the road from the University of Wyoming. REAL highlights include the Cracker Barrel in Lincoln. Nebraska and our secret weapon late-night driving music.

What, you didn’t think that I was going to tell you what our SECRET weapon is, did you?

We love Oregon. We had to tear Samuel away when it was time to leave. Fortunately he has too many ties back east to lose him to the Pacific northwest just yet. We drove from Portland out to the coast to see Cannon Beach and all of the beautiful foggy forest in between. It was gorgeous. And people in Portland were ridiculously nice and welcoming. They all thought we were from Portland, Maine which could have had something to do with it. (And that’s fine with us, really.)

The show in Portland was great. Thanks to Evil One and Sneakers for inviting us, as well as all of the fans that came out. We can’t wait to get back out there really soon. Thanks for having us.

Say word: Rose City to Windy City in just two days
Say turd: Rose City to Windy City in just two days

Alright, the secret weapon is Jacko’s Off the Wall. Can’t be tired listening to that. (Just skip “She’s Out of My Life” except the part when he cries…)