Well, well, well… Here we are in Los Angeles. We have two shows to recap and many people to thank. So let’s begin where we left off: SF (not Frisco, a mistake I will not repeat…)

The show up north was great. Many thanks to all of you wonderful friends and fans that made your way to the make-out room.

Say turd for the missing right channel, cymbals and keyboard Saw word for the misty night air that’ll chill you seaward (because it reminds of Nantucket.)

Chad and Ash, who I mentioned before, were amazing hosts. Thank you many many times. I think SamueL-M-N-O-P feels right comfortable driving around the city by now. Also thanks to the Flynn/York family who had us for a wonderful Indian meal after a few hours winding through Marin county. Amazingly, another guest that night, Ruku, was from Chennai, India and knew my S. Indian flute teachers.

Say word for great coincidences, we call them synchronicities.
Say turd for late (traffic/parking) incidents ; we’ve all been in the city…

The Make-Out Room show was great fun. The other bands were great to play with and the crowd was fantastic. We made our early exit on time, had a quick oil change and headed to LA with no great fanfare. (What’s up with that people?) Thopie rolled into the new city itching to see the view from the top. She huffed and she puffed and eventually she brought us all the way up while we all stood slack-jawed at the immensity of this place. Wow.

And then we played at Cinespace. It was great to see all of you out there, as well as the other bands; Remote, Huge and Holy Fuck were all great. We enjoyed your music very much.

Say word for the reunion of very first band (Full Blown Excuses!)
Say turd for nothing, really. Life is good.

Daddy Wrall is still waiting to see aliens. I think he’s starting to come to grips with the fact that out west isn’t really that differenct from back east. Samuel P. is hella sick these days and we can’t seem to keep him well. Hopefully a few days without a show will lead to rest which will, in turn, lead to recuperation. Right now, we’re off to find a star map, listen to some Sheryl Crow and buy the new Mack 10 album. Thanks everybody. We’ll see you soon.